Some people have asked why Max went to a bar, basically a singles bar, if she doesn’t want to get hit on. Well, her lack of inexperience in this area means she also lacks creativity. And it’s not like she didn’t want to potentially start up a conversation with some civvy guy, but the sudden run on her compounded with her stressful week and a bad start to the evening didn’t help. She’s slowly starting to mellow.

I’m bad with faces. I might have mentioned this before, but if an actor puts a wig on, there’s a good chance I won’t recognize them. At least not right away. They’ll be familiar, but I’ll take me about 5 minutes to get it. My wife on the other hand could compete with IMDB. We were watching a clip of something black and white, and this 12 year old boy appeared on screen, and my wife immediately said, “I think that’s Ian McKellan.” And it was. I’ve never even seen the guy when he was younger than 55, but it didn’t slow down the wife for a second. I assume I’d be a better artist if that part of my brain was more swole, or however brains work.

All that is to say, Maxima’s disguise would be super effective on me. My wife might not even notice the color and specularity change before she recognized her. So her mileage disguised as “caucasian” would vary wildly. Anytime she goes out in public like this, she’s rolling the dice. Once it’s known that Maxima has a way to appear non-shiny, the chance of her getting away with this goes down.

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