When I had originally envisioned the comic, I’d sort of planned on trying to go the “Mega Dragon and Tiger” route with the art. That is, do simpler flat art for much of the comic, with the occasional “glamor shot” as needed for dramatic or artistic emphasis.  There might be an actual name for that art strategy, but “MD&T” was one of the first I noticed it in. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them on Comixology or anywhere I can find digitally. I’m still trying to stick to the simpler art for a bit, but I thought I’d use the opportunity to experiment with the “glamor shot” tactic. So yeah, Max isn’t literally glowing there in panel 3, it’s just supposed to be like, “She’s so hot she practically has a halo and a gauzy, bokeh background.”

Dabbler would be a bad friend if she didn’t do all she could to help out a friend in need… is how she justifies it. Well, not all she could do. Succubi can go a hell of a lot further than “Feeble Aura of Xanax,” that’s for sure. (Xanax coincidentally being a god from a minor pantheon whose mantle encompasses “Being chill, brah.” But this is one of those areas that falls into “a savage beating” from Maxima if she gets found out.

Max and Dabbler’s definitions of mind control is a Venn Diagram, or I think technically it’s a Euler Diagram, where “Anything at all that effects another person’s mind against their will/knowledge/consent” is Max’s circle, and totally enclosed inside that circle at about 1/3 the size is the stuff that Dabbler considers mind control.

Max admits there are plenty ambiguous cases where, for instance, someone hands you a drink at a party that has way more alcohol in it than it seems (and even excluding the possibility of other additives) isn’t “mind control,” even if they are trying to affect your mental state without your knowledge. Maybe they think you’re a funny drunk and maybe it’s more nefarious than that, but still, calling it “mind control” is a little dramatic. At the same time, she admits there’s no real difference between 8 shots of tequila and ecstasy and an actual mind control potion, as long as the person imbibing knows ahead of time what affect it will have on them. (Like, someone could make a “mind control” potion that just makes you hyper focused, or very comfortable with nudity for when you visit Nudist Risa (also known as regular Risa to some people.)) Alteration is alteration, whether it’s chemical, hypnotic, Inceptic, or whatever.

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