It’s possible Deus has warped Maxima’s taste in whiskey over the last few years. She may be super sus of him and his motivations, but she’s not going to turn down the top-tippy-super-promise-definitely-the-highest shelf stuff. If she’d thought about it, she’d have realized her own personal stock has slowly evolved from Jim Beam to stuff that’s at least 15 years old. She’s not “Drive a car till it runs out of gas then have her people just buy another one” rich… well, considering how rarely she drives, she could do that, the point is she doesn’t have that mentality – but – the average bottle of whiskey in her personal bar is rings in at around $150, and she doesn’t think that much about dropping that much on a restock.

It helps that she doesn’t really drink that much. If her and Anvil and Peggy are staying up late and talking, the three of them would probably go through a bottle. Anvil can keep up with Max. Peggy is a normal human 5’4″ woman that weighs… uh, I’m going to say 110? Of course she’s missing a leg below the knee… No idea how much that would weigh. I’m convinced that all writers are on FBI watchlists. (I know that seems like a non-sequitur, bear with me.) I personally have googled “what sedative does Dexter use,” all kinds of stuff about guns and explosives, military prisons, the pentagon, “woman leaning over pool table,” etc. I feel like googling “woman individual body part weight calculator” might tip the threshold to “active surveillance.” So I’m going to just guess that Peggy weighs… ninety… uh… four pounds?

Anyway. Max takes 3-4 weeks to go through a bottle on her own. She’ll sometimes cap off her paperwork with a shot before she settles in for a trashy TV show before bed.

Panels 2, 3, and 4 are supposed to encapsulate the “Honestly I’m really trying not to look at your boobs but they’re right there…” >glance< “Yes, we both know I just got caught but it was just a flick of the eyes, not a leer, I’m really trying not to…” >glance< “Dangit!”

I mean, women are fully aware of it, right? They have to be. Okay, off-topic, but I really want someone to make a first person shooter, and if you pick a female avatar, all the male NPCs do the boob glance. But the game company never says anything about it. I bet you’d have a bunch of male gamers being like, “The in-between mission section around the base was kind of creepy for some reason.” and female gamers would be all “I can’t put my finger on it, but something about this game is just so realistic.”

I know when I’m playing Lara Croft or FemShep and some NPC starts coming on to them I’m immediately like, “Yo, you know I’m armed, right?” I can’t tell if that’s me channeling Maxima and being offended for the female character, or just me being a het dude and reflexively uncomfortable at being vicariously hit on… yeah, through a video game. I know, it’s stupid, but it’s there. That’s all totally different from when my FemShep boned down on Garrus. Garrus was rad. Although I really wanted FemShep to get with Tali, because she was super rad. But you couldn’t to that without a mod, and installing some random .EXE on my PC so I could watch a user-generated clunky Skinemax cutscene seemed like a poor decision.

The June vote incentive is finally up! Maxima is prepping for her night out.

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