The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that I didn’t quite have time to finish the page this week since I was either at the Austin Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage over the weekend, or I was driving to or from it. It’s not a terribly long haul from Dallas, about 7 hours round trip, but I have colored the page in less time on occasion. In the meantime here are the pencils. I’ll try and get the inks done by Tuesday and the colors later in the week, so keep checking back.

As to Maxima’s shortness with Sydney, well, Max got to spend a blissful 30 minutes or so apart from her and within seconds of meeting back up with her is reminded how challenging she can be.

Also IGN is having a best webcomics poll. It’s a curiously short list, but they do have a write in option. The poll runs until Dec 17, I don’t know what the rules are for how often you can vote, or even if they allow more that one vote/IP address per day or week or over the lifetime of the poll? I have no idea, I’ll assume it’s one vote a day?


Update: So I’ve replaced the pencils with the inks. You’ll notice the orbs have disappeared, I add them in last from a reference file so I don’t have to redraw 7 orbs x 11 panels all the time. Since this week’s page is going up in stages, I thought in might be fun to provide the full res inks in case anyone wants to try their hands at coloring a page, or just a panel or whatever. You can download that here. And here are the web-sized pencils if you want a reference. I’m not sure when the colors will get done, I need to get started on the pencils for the next page or I’ll be behind the ball forever.


Update 2: Foreground colors! At least now the comic makes sense with the orbs laid back in.