It’s previously been discussed in the comic how succubi need to form bonds with a master, so I won’t reiterate that stuff. I’ll only say that this happens to them at a certain age, let’s say the equivalent of 20 in human years at the very latest. It really depends on their how quickly their innate tantric abilities develop. Pre-pubescent Succubi benefit from “second hand” tantric magic, and there’s a panel on a page with a joke about little girl succubus wanting some cereal, but mama succubus rejects it because it doesn’t have enough Vitamin-T. Only that wasn’t a joke – there really are Vitamin-T supplements for little succubus girls. Their need for tantric energy increases up till puberty when it really starts spiking.

Demon society has sort of formalized this master finding process, and even have magical devices that can keep a succubus free from needing a Master for a little while, if she happens to develop quickly. It’s not the law or anything, on the one hand, demons are kind of like Libertarians, in that they believe anyone should be allowed to do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else… minus the “as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else” part. It’s more like, “as long as you’re powerful enough to get away with it.” That said, though it goes against their natures, demons recognize the benefits of a somewhat structured society – society being fiefdoms under powerful warlords. But even the warlords are like, “You know a road between our two city states would help with commerce and tourism.” Modern demons are kind of caught between their inherent natures to kill and conquer, and a desire to have a working power grid and stable economy.

What I’m getting at in a really roundabout way, is everyone familiar with demon society knows that each year, there’s a new cohort of fledgling succubi looking for masters, usually sophomores in Succubus Finishing School. Yes, the Council of Succubus Matriarchs has made it clear that abuse of succubi is disproportionately punitive, but then again, having lots of sex with your new succubus slave is not exactly considered abuse. In fact, not having lots of sex with her is more likely to get you into trouble. And don’t forget that she’s a mana battery for her master as well. And also don’t forget their utility as spies. As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition for each new cohort of succubi. Like, a LOT.

And if some powerful Archfiend who has already proven himself to be a competent master jumps the line to stick it to his other slave by enslaving her half-sister because his first succubus has become entirely too unruly and uppity and sometimes stabs him in the leg with a soul eater sword, the people behind him in the queue might not take it that well.

Edit: “Sij X” means “bonded to, or subordinate of” X. This was perfectly clear in my head but I forgot you guys can’t just read my mind, like, let’s step it up people.

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