I think Sydney needs her afternoon dose of brain work good drugs. I wonder if adderall would give a +1 to Intuition or Wisdom checks. I mean… probably, right? Memory checks, too. Even initiative. Well, really, it would temporarily negate the negative effects of the “ADHD Affliction.”

If border disputes could be solved with a sort of sexual Olympics instead of war, well… there’d probably be a lot more border disputes, if we’re honest. But I don’t know if that would be bad? There’s not a lot of things worse than war so, I guess we should get on that. Americans… well, some Americans could definitely stand to care less about what consenting people do with each other. I suppose jumping straight to sex Olympics is hoping for too much, though.

The September vote incentive is up! Let’s call it the November vote incentive and just say I’ve still got two I.O.U’s, eh?

Well, Dabbler is doing her Dabbler things, and the Patreon version has a nude variant and a comic that… I don’t know, expounds on the goings on of the initial picture?



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