Merry Xmas if you partake, and happy whatever else if you don’t.

I think the idea of a tantric stock exchange is pretty funny, like somehow a bunch of demons have stock in how many boners there are on a given day, or how many 1st – 4th base makeout sessions are realized, and stuff like that. I’m not sure what the inherent value of that kind of thing would be, unless, like Lulu’s family, there are a lot of devices out there which can capture some of the free-ranged tantric energy in the universe. If there was, it seems like the owners of such devices could amass a lot of power.

Even if the mechanism of something like a tantric stock exchange is a little suspect, you can be sure that the succubus version of Las Vegas takes bets on how many people are doing it in their hotels. They can monitor that sort of stuff. And yeah, it’s a massive violation of privacy, but you might imagine there are certain benefits to staying at a resort owned and operated by a coven of succubi. Like, the food and drink and swimming pools are all 1% love potion. Well, not love potion, exactly. Boner tincture or whatever. Plus all the activities available. Topless beaches, topless brunch, bottomless ice skating, that sort of thing. And the whole resort is covered with sigils allowing the coven to gather a percentage of the tantric energy released without draining their guests to the point that they can’t participate in naked hurdles or the naked-whip-cream-making-and-then-using-class the next day.

The September vote incentive is up! Let’s call it the November vote incentive and just say I’ve still got two I.O.U’s, eh?

Well, Dabbler is doing her Dabbler things, and the Patreon version has a nude variant and a comic that… I don’t know, expounds on the goings on of the initial picture?



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