When one of Parfait’s spells backfires, it really backfires.

Imagine plunging the depths of a dungeon, fighting monsters after monster, each one worse than the last (which in my opinion is a poor way to protect your treasure. I mean, put the hardest monsters on the top floor so the heroes can’t level up as they progress. Like, duh.) Anyway, you slog your way through to the final treasure chest and carefully open it to reveal a gold-enameled grimoire. But the list of spells is like, Progressive Mummification (which sounds impressive and like a horrible way to kill your enemies, but upon further study you realize it just ties people up and gags them. Which is useful, certainly, but not the cataclysmic spell you were hoping for.) Other spells are like Impotence: 20 yard AoE, Tasha’s Uncontrollable Dirty Talk, Sphere of ASMR, Cone of Tickling, Cantrip: 101 Sure-Fire Pick-Up Lines, Curse: 101 Pick-Up Lines Guaranteed to Get a Drink Thrown in Your Face (which might not be a curse if you cast it on a penniless dwarf, who can then wring the drinks out of their beard and into their trusty stein), Power Word: Orgasm, Induce Heat in Animals, Induce Heat in Humanoids, Induce Heat in Dragons (warning: do not cast this spell if you are alone with the dragon – I mean unless you’re into that. No judgement. Just saying, be prepared.)

And you’re like, “Shit! It’s a succubus’s spellbook!”

Actually most of those spells would be fairly useful in certain situations… quite a few situations, really, but you find a fancy grimoire and you probably hoping for stuff like Wish, Time Ravage, or Meteor Swarm or something.

The new vote incentive is up! Crimson and Scarlett have a present for Ingsol!

It’s them, they’re the present. They’ve decided that “Sire-versaries” are a thing and Ingsol has to be convinced this is a good idea each time. Everyone thinks his pair of names-that-are-synonyms-with-red sirelings who are both women and who were both turned in that age range that ensure peak hotness means he’s a dirty old man, but he actually isn’t. It just worked out that way. And don’t forget that while it looks like there’s a 25 year age gap between the girls and him, it’s actually much worse, as he is 700 years old, while Scarlett is something like 180 and Crimson is only 40. But at the same time it’s meaningless as they were both fully adults when they got turned, so it’s all copacetic.

As usual, Patreon has the pair of them in various states of undress.

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