Succubi don’t get any tantric energy from self inflicted pleasure, but they still get the self inflicted pleasure, so… they still do occasionally partake.

The radial mile of ground obsidification and associated fires she started in Galytn weren’t technically forest fires. There was a lot of grassland and ground scrub and those solo tree clusters that pop up in savannah biomes, but not really anything that qualifies as forest. Still, for her purposes, it counts.

The other time was when she was fighting Sciona’s golem thing. Also there was one mention of her starting a forest fire while testing the PPO for the first time. Somewhere in the comic is a panel of her trying to beat out that particular fire, I think with the lighthook, but I can’t recall where it appears.

So yeah, this is her 4th forest fire. I mean, she was present when this one started, not directly responsible for it. But it still kind of counts.

The new vote incentive is up! Crimson and Scarlett have a present for Ingsol!

It’s them, they’re the present. They’ve decided that “Sire-versaries” are a thing and Ingsol has to be convinced this is a good idea each time. Everyone thinks his pair of names-that-are-synonyms-with-red sirelings who are both women and who were both turned in that age range that ensure peak hotness means he’s a dirty old man, but he actually isn’t. It just worked out that way. And don’t forget that while it looks like there’s a 25 year age gap between the girls and him, it’s actually much worse, as he is 700 years old, while Scarlett is something like 180 and Crimson is only 40. But at the same time it’s meaningless as they were both fully adults when they got turned, so it’s all copacetic.

As usual, Patreon has the pair of them in various states of undress.

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