I apologize for the horribly unrealistic part of this page, in which we see a teenage succubus texting in complete sentences with no emojis in sight.

I don’t know why I took time out to dunk on Oak Island, but I wanted Dabbler setting Lapha up in front of a TV, and my wife has recently gotten hooked on treasure hunting TV shows, so why not? If Lapha’s spot on the shelf there is her prison (or even if it’s just temporary until the super jail has a spot ready for her) and prison is indeed supposed to be punitive, then Dabbler would take away that remote and force Lapah to watch the show.

I imagine there’s a layer of hell where you spend eternity being an editor for shows like that. There’s probably ten million hours of footage, and your job as an editor is to make hay out of literally nothing happening. There was one bit where some of the crew was scuba diving off of the shore looking for, I don’t know, evidence of the island being used as a trading stopover or something, and one of the divers signaled that they’re done looking for the day and to head to the surface (keeping in mind they’re in like 35 feet of water) and… they do that. They just swim to the surface, and nothing goes wrong. But the editor has to turn that into a 5 minute segment where the guys on the boat are checking their watches and going “They’re late coming up.” and the narrator has to V.O. “The boat team radios to the divers, but something is wrong. There’s no reply.” without sounding like he’s rolling his eyes super hard, and the music score has been doing “Thriller Movie” dun dun dun duns for like 30 minutes straight, and then the finally (like 9 seconds after the diver guy was like, “Let’s swim up.”) they get to the surface, and then if I was the editor, I would pick up the editing console and smash it into my temple until the top half of my head looked like an open faced manwich.

That scene I described was somewhere in season seven I think, so you can tell how desperate they were at that point to make “Not finding anything” seem interesting.

Also, yes, Sydney’s glasses auto adjust to her updated prescription.

The new vote incentive is up! This is a bit of a weird one as it’s a character that hasn’t appeared in the comic.

It’s my Ifrit Pathfinder 1e monk, Fray! Ifrits don’t really make great monks in Pathfinder, as player characters they get a +2 to Dex and Cha, but -2 to Wis. For monks, Dex is good, Cha is largely irrelevant, but Wis is important as it can add to your AC and also has something to do with Ki points I think. But I didn’t care. I wanted a character with dark blue/gray skin and glowing orange hair, so that’s what I picked. (I don’t think Ifrit even really have dark skin, so maybe she’s 1/4 Drow? Don’t care. I think she looks cool.) Will she show up in the comic? I mean… maybe? Probably in a Dabbler flashback, but who knows?

As usual, Patreon has her in delicto flagrante.

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