Dabbler’s stash probably looks like a 20 year WoW* veteran’s stash, ready to outfit any new toon of any class from level 1-99** with uniques and set items, but also neato rares and honestly a lot of trash, because she has a lot more fun acquiring stuff than she does OCD sorting it.

This technique of Dabbler’s is a variation of a known solution for Aetholiths who commit body and memory-napping, so Lapha shouldn’t be too surprised by this outcome. And if you’re like “Hey, she seemed okay with dying earlier when she ditched Sydney.” That’s because she (just her ‘flame’) was laying on a concrete floor, and not piloting a bioroid that’s injecting her with a shitload of fear hormones at the news that she needs to come to terms with her potential mortality.

* Does WoW even have a massive shared stash like that? Maybe Diablo 3 or Path of Exile would be a better example. You know what I mean. In my lifetime I’ve put maybe 25 hours into MMOs. The idea of heroically killing the evil what’s it only for him to respawn 5 minutes later and you run into the next guy to heroically kill the evil whosamajig as you’re walking back to town from the dungeon of where ever. The whole setup just kind of highlights the kind of pointless time sink of the endeavor for me. I have caught myself thinking “Is this what girlfriends feel like when they see guys playing video games?” And then I squashed that thought so playing single player games (and the occasional co-op) didn’t depress me.

My other complaint about MMOs is that often the leveling up is so quantumly incremental it just isn’t fun for me. Spending 3 hours to level up to get 1% better chance to block with your shield FUCKING SUUUUUCKS. I want shit like in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion where I maxed out my enchanting, made armor with a total of 125 bonus Stealth, on top of my maxed out Stealth skill, went into an Oblivion portal, snuck my way all the way to the end, crouch-walking within feet of demons that outleveled me by 10 or more levels, going right up to the stone McGuffin thing at the end of the portal and breaking it or taking it or whatever you did and then I think, “I have won this game. Doesn’t matter that I’ve barely scratched the main storyline. I have properly beat this game.” That shit is fun. Is it any wonder my favorite novels always involve an OP MC?

Well, okay, may absolute favorite novels are the Justicar series by Paul Kidd. Jus wasn’t OP in that, but he was wildly competent and the writing was excellent and Escalla and Cinders were funny. It’s a fucking shame it only has  249 reviews on Amazon. I’m sure the reviews of a book are a reliable reflection of sales. That series should have 78,000 reviews per book.

BUT – probably the next 9 novels in my top ten have an OP MC, or at least the MC has several awesome mic drop moments where he has his bubble gum and kicks ass too.

** I have no idea what the maximum level in WoW is at this point, and I don’t care enough to google it.

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Every so often I get the urge to try and draw Maxima all properly shiny, and this… isn’t my favorite attempt if I’m honest. I’ve been sitting on this for a little while doing little tweaks, and decided to finally publish it cause I’m already behind on these. The next one will (almost definitely) resume the trend of including a little mini comic to extend the scene a bit.

As usual, Patreon has some outfit variations as well as sans flagrante.

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