If you were betting that Sydney would defeat Sydney in the next matchup, then you’ve been paying attention.

You ever pull a muscle so badly that a totally unrelated part of your body spontaneously charley horses itself?

So it seems obvious that I need to elucidate upon Sydney’s featherfall passive. It doesn’t work if she’s touching the ground. It basically works until she’s her own height from the ground, and then there’s like an S-Curve of gravity reasserting itself as she goes below five feet.

Her “distance from the ground” as far as the featherfall passive is concerned is based on her center of gravity. This will vary for people based on muscle and fat distribution, but for women it’s usually just below their waist, a man’s is higher, around the xiphoid process. This assumes someone isn’t a skips-leg-day bodybuilder or they don’t have a huge ass or chest. Sydney’s is a bit higher than a 36-24-36, but not by much. So if she’s falling feet first, once her, let’s say navel, crosses the 5′ mark, she’ll start to accelerate, but that means she only has about 3′ in which to do it. If she’s laying flat on her back in the air, above 5′, she’s capped at about 2 meters/second. As she drifts below 5′ she picks up about 1 meter per second per second, which means she’ll actually start accelerating. At 3 feet off the ground, she’d be at something like 4m/s/s, and a foot off the ground, she’d be almost up to 9.8m/s/s. But being that close to the ground, she won’t have much time to build up speed.

Which means if you give her a judo toss, she’ll probably hit the ground at about 1/2 to 1/3 the speed you’d expect, unless you really put some stank on it once she was over your shoulder. She can be accelerated into the ground by force, but if you’re 100 feet in the air and throw her at the ground, she’ll slow down pretty quickly, although it depends on how much force is used.

But it doesn’t work if she’s touching the ground, which means she can still trip and fall over stuff like a dumbass. She’d actually be in a better position in some cases if slips so hard that her feet leave the ground.

Did you know that tungsten hexafluoride is 11 times denser than air? Please do not breathe it in an attempt to make your voice lower. It is toxic and highly corrosive. Sulfur hexafluoride is the one that lowers your voice. Why am I mentioning tungsten hexafluoride? Cause I started writing about how Sydney’s featherfall would be like falling through different mediums of varying density, but I think you guys get it. No need to spell it out like I’d started to. But it does make me wonder how falling through an atmosphere consisting of WF6 would affect your fall speed. I assume it’s a lot more complicated than “you’d accelerate 1/11th as fast as you would through our usual nitrogen/oxygen/etc atmosphere,” but maybe terminal velocity would be 1/11th? I found reddit post claiming that acceleration through WF6 would be 1.8m/s/s, but I’ve no idea how accurate that is. Obviously, being 11 times denser than Earth mix atmos would cause the barometer to need a few more hash marks, and “sea level” PSI would be, I’m guessing, 172 pounds per square inch, roughly? What I do know is that if Humans found a planet where the atmosphere was all WF6, we’d mine the shit out of it, because tungsten is rad.

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Oh no! Superheroines in a deathtrap! Well… a tickle trap. Okay, not trapped, trapped, but… look, three of the girls are getting tickled. Actually, in a way, seven girls are getting tickled since the other four Harems will feel this as well, but technically it’s only the three shown in the picture since Harem insists there’s only one of her – it’s just confusing since she can be in 5 places at once.

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