Why would you wear a fishnet tanktop to a fight? Especially if we consider that Jabberwokky might be Suicide Girled up all over if you know what I mean. Piercing wise. Well it worked out so good for her.

This was definitely planned as two pages, but I’m always wanting to move things along so despite the extra work I stitched them together. It gives me a little more flexibility with the panel layout so that’s fine. The page presented a minor challenge for me coloring wise. Normally I stick to a set palette because otherwise I’d wind up doing much more dynamic colors like we see in the shadows under Jabber’s jacket. It looks great but it does take longer. Originally my plan with the art in the comic was to do it Tony Wong style. Or Wong Jan-lung if you’re nasty. He’s a Chinese artist who does epic kung-fu comics like Mega Dragon and Tiger, The Legendary CoupleWeapons of the Gods, etc. I reference him because his comics are good “production” level art, but then every few pages, he’ll have a big splash panel where he goes all out on the art. I’ve tried that a few times but I need to speed up more before I’m able to do that.

Speaking of colors, the eagle eyed amongst you (or at least those of you who aren’t mutated wolves with thumbs who read my comic) might have noticed that Dabbler’s stripes go all pink when she’s putting the sapphic whammy on Jaberwokky. Originally Dabbler’s skintone was supposed to reflect her emotions. It would go red if she was mad, pink for randy, etc. Like a lot of other things I refined that idea before she debuted in the comic. So now her stripes change color, but not in response to her emotions, but rather as an indicator of something she’s doing. They have turned another color in the comic before but I don’t recall anyone pointing it out in the comments. It was a busy few panels though. :)

To be clear, I’m not picking on mutated wolves. They could probably tell hot pink from luminous green, but probably not luminous green from aqua. And now that I’ve typed that I can only imagine what percentage of the comments will be about color perception and animals. I’m sure it won’t be the last time it comes up in the comic.

The RSS is still broken I think? I messed with the page a little last week and it seemed to start working for me again, but I keep getting people telling me it’s broken. Unfortunately fixing it starts with eliminating possible sources of the error which means turning off all the plugins I have on the page and seeing if they’re responsible, so if you see the page blowing up real good sometime late Tuesday or Wednesday, that’s probably why.

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