Wait, what’s this? Betrayal? Intrigue? Plot development? Are they bad guys? What comic is this? Before you know it dogs and cats will be living together!

I thought I might have been telegraphing it too much with Harem’s semi-sinister look on the last panel of the previous page, but given the little variances in my art from panel to panel, and given that nothing like this has gone on so far in the comic, I guess it’s not surprising that people didn’t pick up on it.

As for her nightstand, Harem probably has a number of seminal books featuring teleportation, portals, gateways, etc. that she rereads every few years. I’m sure there are a few other good ones she has on her bookshelf.

Edit: I fixed the upside down sword, the missing 3rd button on the jacket, and added “The Stars My Destination” thanks to several suggestions, and “Mein Bamph” courtesy of Too Old to be Cool. Also added a bra hanging off the bedpost to help establish the first panel as a separate location from the penthouse office in the rest of the page.