OMG So many word bubbles!

Again, my inexperience with writing/presenting something in a sequential fashion is showing here. I thought I would get through all this first day content long before I built an appreciable audience, so I didn’t think to make this a “reveal” of sorts. It would have been fun to have everyone join in with suggestions in the comments, but oh well, lesson learned.

I had the idea of orbs that grant powers floating around someone, but the rest of the character never really coalesced, partially because the name never did. A lot of the stupid names on this page are things I had thought of over the years. Not seriously considered obviously, though I do kind of like Nucleus. Sometimes I build a character around a cool sounding name or power set, sometimes their look or personality comes first. In Sydney’s case, despite her, let’s say… personality concentrate, the power set came first. I have a oooold drawing or two of someone who had the orbs, (which I’ll probably save for a vote incentive or bonus material for the eventual book) but she was older and Indian. Also she was named Nike, after the goddess of victory, not the shoe company obviously. I never really liked that since the name is ubiquitously tied to shoes now. I bet most of you didn’t even know there was a goddess named Nike. In the very early days of this comic, I was planning on using that character in Sydney’s place, but I dropped the idea because when it comes down to it, I don’t really know enough about India to do a character justice, certainly not a main character.

I’ve broken my own rule here by adding characters to the Who’s Who before they were properly introduced in the comic, but I also have Hiro and Stalwart hold an extended conversation on this page so best to add them. I’ll have to give them an actual intro soon.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the ComicMix tournament, we made it to the sweet 16 but couldn’t keep up with the deluge of votes from Ava’s Demon. Not bad for the comic’s first showing. Next year we’ll have to strive to get to the quarterfinals at least.