Since coming up with the superheroes on the bathroom signs gag, I’ve been informed that was also used in City of Heroes, so call it an unintentional post hoc homage I guess.

I originally started writing another page that extended the previous scene in the den, but like you I’m antsy to move on, so I cut it and will fit the jokes and whatever else was on that page elsewhere. This page could have been a little tighter, but I wanted to get the X-ray sign in and start the conversation about how the supers are actually physically different than regular people. It’s been alluded to previously, but mostly it’s been discussed in the comments, so I wanted to be sure it was actually said in the comic.

I didn’t get a chance to update the vote incentive, but I haven’t forgotten about Dabbler’s Science Corner. There are still several questions to be answered about Harem and her powers, plus I have an Anvil pinup in mind, plus several others. Just need to find time to draw ’em. :P

Since I haven’t recommended another webcomic lately, here’s a cute one. It’s… I think it’s semi-autobio, or probably just “inspired by life.” It’s called Curtailed, and yes, it has anthropomorphic characters in it, which I know some people get bent out of shape about, but it’s the Sabrina Online / Freefall / Sequential Art sort, (all of which are great comics as well) not… the other sort.

Edit: Fixed Sydney’s blue eyes. Also fixed the X-ray girl’s ribs so it looks more like she’s leaning forward.