I’m experimenting with ways to get a lot of dialog on the page without giving it the wall of text look. I think this page is borderline, and I’m not sure I like the big yellow “narrator blocks.” In fact I’d prefer to avoid them. It just seemed to be the only way to get the page to end on the panel I wanted this time but hopefully I won’t need to lean on it too much.

Coming out of A-kon I’m a little behind, but I’ll update the vote incentive with the colored version sometime this week.

I’ve added an Amazon referral link for the book I’m reading down at the bottom of the right hand column, and eventually the plan is to make a page with brief reviews and more links so I can get some sweet pennies. Literally it’s a few cents if you buy something through one of those links, but it may pay for a few books eventually. It’ll mostly be superhero novels since that’s the kick I’m on at the moment, but I may stick other stuff in there I particularly enjoyed it or think you guys might.

Oh, one minor change I made to the site, you can now drag the comment box’s lower right corner to resize it, which should make writing/reviewing long comments a little easier.


I just learned that Antarctic Press is running an Indigogo campaign to help pay for… basically they’re publishing into Walmarts but didn’t allow for the returns they have to pay for. They’ve already met their goal but I thought I’d point it out in case anyone would like to help out and get some swag. AP has published a number of titles over the years that have been rather influential on me and, well, it’s just nice to think that independent publishers can still exist in our world of corporate mergers.