Ok Suzie, don’t gloat.

I don’t know if it’s really even all that important that the team is under the DoD as opposed to the DoHS. I just don’t think any non-DoD department should really have the sort of firepower that Archon does. The INS doesn’t have access to Ospreys and artillery as far as I know. Besides the reason that Arianna gives, the “keeping it all in the family” reason, which I think is a decent one (at least I hope) it really does come down to presence. Soldiers are scarier than cops, and Maxima wanted to be able to take that to the field. And obviously preserve her rank and that of the other Archon members coming from other branches.

Maxima may not have meant any disrespect, but it’s hard to believe she won a lot of friends with that jab. It was a jab after all. Not at honest, hardworking police. She respects them, but she’s used to working alongside jets and tanks, and tends to qualify most police issue equipment as “cute.” Still there may be some eating of the crow ahead for her. Possibly several police charity events.

Ok, enough questions about what branch the team is under. A lot of that debate will continue mostly outside of the comic. I just need to remember to stick the occasional webpage/TV Screen/Newspaper in the background showing that sort of stuff is going on.

We’re almost past all this procedural stuff in the press conference, then it’s on to some quick introductions which should be a little more amusing and then a live fire demonstration which will test my ability to draw explosions and an unfortunate decommissioned tank. Which reminds me, I need to practice drawing tanks.


I done a podcast! Some other webcomicers have started doing one cataloging their experiences as new… well, webcomicers, and one of the hosts is the writer/colorist of Juniper which I’ve linked before and I know via Twitter, so asked if they were interested in talking shop for a bit. If you are so inclined, check it out.