Fred Perry (of Gold Digger) was in Desert Storm, assigned to a crew that would clear out mines. The way they did it was to launch these big lines of explosives along the ground and detonating them, and the shockwave would set off any mines under the ground. I think Max could contribute similarly by strafing the ground with particle beams. At least until she gets call saying there’s an indigenous super hassling allied tanks or something.

I’ll admit I’m not much of a drinker, so I don’t quite ‘get’ keg stands. I assume it mostly has to do with getting your friends pour beer up their nose then fall down coughing and everyone has a good laugh. Also, I assume some of the fun comes from, if you’re a guy anyway, getting a little grabass time by holding a girl over the keg. Whatever the case is, I think Max is breaking several party rules by flying.

The only drinks I really like are the really sugary desert ones, which are or course chocked full of calories. It always bugged me that alcoholic drinks don’t have the calories on the label. Alcohol is just sugar anyway, so unless a drink brags about how few calories it has in it like some light beers do, you can bet it’s a lot more than you think it is. Turns out the reason is that alcohol is regulated by the ATF, and not the FDA. Only stuff under the FDA is required to have nutritional information listed on it. Personally, if I was the Prez, I’d call to disband the ATF, since the F is so hamstrung anyway. Put the F under the FBI or DoHS, the A under the FDA, and the T under the DEA or something. I don’t know if that would really fix anything, but at least Kahlúa and Irish Creme would have the calories on them. And people would be shocked! Well, not that shocked.

I’m on vacation this week meaning just that I’m not up to my usual schedule. I’ll be reading comments and checking in but probably mostly in the evenings.