I had originally intended to skip this page since it’s really just Sydney introducing herself by her hero name for the first time, and then some banter, but then I realized as I finishing the next page that it was this page I was planning on rolling out the Halo graphic in the Who’s Who. Not that it’s such a momentous event, it just seemed weird to have it show up without any real prompting from that day’s comic.

I’ve started on an Anvil pinup for the vote incentive, but we had a super busy week at work with extra hours and I barely got this page done on time. Plus I can’t decide if I want just a picture of her flexing, casually lounging, or maybe something a little more cheesecakey. I’m not sure I like what I have so far. So I’ll continue to work on that, and try and get the SEAL shirt somewhere those interested can buy it, we’ll just see how this week is at work.

Grrl Power is on to round 3 of the TGT Tournament. Throw a vote if you are inclined!