Going by the old Marvel RPG system, they could also be Remarka-balls or Incredi-balls.

Sydney may be a nut but she’s not stupid. “Don’t mind me, just casually demonstrating my powers over here… Bam! Plug!”

So Grrl Power is officially 3 this week. Well, late last week. The first comic went up on August 23, 2010. I almost hesitate to mention it just because it sort of highlights how little has happened so far. I mean… a lot has happened, but not in terms of story progression. It has made me start to replan some future scenes. Try to find ways to streamline them without losing anything. Cut down on the proliferation of character introductions, stuff like that.

I suppose I should celebrate the 3 year anniversary by starting to get serious about merch and stuff like that. As such I’ll try and get that seal shirt done. Hopefully I’ll have it up sometime this week, I just have to figure out Zazzle, since that seems to be a better deal than CafePress.

Oh yeah, and the TGT Tournament is still going on. Down to the semi-finals! As always your vote is appreciated!