This is mostly just a transitional page. This page maybe could have been skipped as well but then I would have needed to put the explanation as to what the wrist thing is on the next page and that would have crowded it up a bit. In addition to being a flight transponder, it’s also just about every useful tool you’d probably need. I mean, not like… a screwdriver… Actually – I don’t see why it couldn’t have a little multitool thing that slides into the side. You can get keychains that are 8 in one tools and they’re barely bigger than a quarter, so why not? But I meant stuff like altimeter, thermometer, barometer, it probably has a brometer app that will gauge how much of a bro-heim someone’s being. Pre-loaded maps, secure phone, police and weather band and all that stuff. Basically it’s as close as you can realistically get to a Pip-Boy or a tricorder these days all connected to a serious battery. Everything a young superheroine needs.

Maxima’s phone is the same thing, only minus the wrist guard housing and extra battery life. She has to swap batteries every few hours though. She probably keeps a few extra in her jacket.

The TGT Tournament is into the finals. I appreciate everyone’s votes as always! Apparently you can vote once a day on it, which I didn’t realize, and the other comics were paying attention and got a bit of a head start. Also don’t forget to check out the new TWC vote incentive. It’s only pencils so far but it’s Anvil being cheeky. And side-booby.

So, I’ve made the Seal t-shirt over at Zazzle. Man they do not make that process easy to understand. I’ll spare you a rant about it but they could seriously use another pass at their whole “create a product” flow. Like, why would I have to pick a shirt size? I’m not buying the shirt, I’m designing it. Anyway, it’s available, and since it’s print on demand, it’s not the cheapest shirt, but the alternative is me preprinting shirts and spending weekends doing fulfillment, which is never going to happen. You can customize what sort of shirt it gets printed on, and here’s a version with white text so you can stick it on a dark shirt.