It’s pretty cool seeing Sydney actually using the orbs and not just demonstrating them. One of the best parts of every superhero story, IMO, is not necessarily the origin, but the day and week after the origin, where the fledgling hero is learning about their powers and using them for the first time. Sydney’s kind of past the discovery phase but she still has yet to really use her powers.

How will the press get to the firing range you ask? I’m sure that will be explained.

Grrl Power won the TGT Tournament, so thanks everyone for the votes. It was neck and neck all day Saturday with a comic called Moonlight Element, which I haven’t read myself but it has really nice manga style art.

Fred Perry of Gold Digger fame is doing a kickstarter to publish his long running… I’m not sure what to call it. It’s called Level Up, and it’s a doujin based around his time playing Final Fantasy 11. How he ever had time for an MMO I’ll never understand, but he’s been posting it bit by bit on his own site and on DeviantArt… in the broadest technical sense I guess it’s a webcomic, but lets not get bogged down on labels. Anyway it’s 160 pages of material and really funny even if you haven’t ever played FF11.

I’ve updated the vote incentive with the finished pencils. I have it partially inked, but I’ll save that for next week I guess, or if I get the time I’ll jump straight to the colors, but I’m not holding my breath.

Update: As requested the top panel is now available wallpaper size on my DeviantArt page. The ratio is a little weird so I did a letterboxed version as well.