I guess that eyepatch has one of those snap off straps like every necklace in every movie ever. Just once I’d like to see someone yank off a necklace in a movie and just to have someone point out that they just broke the clasp.

I didn’t get a chance to update the vote incentive this week due to some social obligations, but in it’s place there actually will be a comic up on Thursday. It’s not really a full comic, it’s just an extension of this page. Originally the last panel of this page looked the same only with a big explosion behind Sydney (and the last few text bubbles were slightly different) but I’ve been reading Onepunch Man (google it) and I’ve decided in preparation for upcoming action scenes, I need to start practicing that sort of thing. (Speed lines, perspective, sense of motion, etc) Instead of compressing the action to the point that I’m basically not showing it, I broke it off it to it’s own page. I may have the inks on Anvil done by then too.