I mostly did this page to start to get a feel for doing larger action panels. These aren’t bad but they’re hardly on par with the gold standards of stuff like Onepunch Man or Black God or the Cammy manga by Masahiko Nakihara or whatever else tops everyone’s lists. Arguably like many manga, they tend to over rely on speed lines, but if I have to chose between that or the pathetic looking action of most western comics, I’ll go the speed lines route. Whatever the case I still have lots to learn and improve on.

Since there’s not too much to discuss about this page, maybe people can share some of their favorite action comics, manga or western. I’m sure there are some western ones that do acceptable action but I read so few of them these days I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve missed.

Since I know it will come up, Maxima is firing a particle beam, not a laser. :)