I knew this was always going to happen from the start of the comic, Maxima going a little gung-ho in the demonstration. It’s funny how much the comic has changed in little ways since I first started drawing it. (I have roughed out pages of this whole scene from 4 years ago that I’ll post once we’re past the next few pages to avoid spoilers) I hadn’t put nearly as much thought into the whole PR angle beyond them becoming celebrities, and now this page with Max cutting lose does seem… well, the more I think about it the dumber it seems of her. People can be convinced that superheros are a good thing… fewer of them will be ok with “Daisy Cutter” walking around their neighborhood. Maxima just really doesn’t care what the public’s opinion is of her. This is all about scaring bad guys into not being bad guys. Plus it’s probably been a while since cut loose like this. Why not entertain and terrorize at the same time?

Oh and one thing I didn’t establish in the comic is that they’re not standing right there by the parking lot. They walked like a kilometer further down into the range, so the shockwave from this isn’t going to total the Osprey or anything.

I made a video showing off the relative power levels. I was planning on doing this for a number of powers, but it’s harder than I thought it would be. Coming up with an appropriate clip for level 4 and 5 powers is easy, the 1-3 stuff is much tougher. For instance, for the marksman ability, there are at least two scenes I can think of off the top of my head where someone intentionally shoots bullets out of the air with their gun. That’s perfect for the level 5 slot, but then what’s a good clip for Level 1? James Bond taking out 5 guys with 5 shots? Then what’s Level 2? Doing the same thing from horseback?

Anyway, here’s the energy blast levels. Like I noted above the mid level clips are somewhat less distinct, but I have a breakdown under the video on YouTube.

Here’s a direct link in case you don’t see the video: https://goo.gl/7qveBL