Maxima’s pretty much done showing off now, it’s hard to top “delivering dramatic backlit speech while wreathed in flame ” anyway. Of course Sydney has to butt in with her comments. Maxima may not like the press but she’s realistic enough to know that her little speech will be oft-quoted in the press and online, and to her this is like Buzz Aldrin adding “…and one medium sized step for a giraffe, cause they have really long legs.” to the end of another famous quote.

Fun fact, this is a redraw of the first color page I ever did for the comic. I knew this scene was going to happen for a long time. I’ll post that sequence next Monday I think. It’s pretty interesting seeing how stuff has changed in the last few years. BTW, I drew the original version of this page before I had ever seen Hellsing. In case you’re wondering why that’s relevant, every episode of Hellsing has like 5 scenes in it with someone doing the “cloaked in shadow with the big grin and the glowing round glasses” meme. I know I’ve linked DBZ Abridged here before, well the same guys did Hellsing Abridged, and in both cases, I think the abridged spoofs are by far the more entertaining versions.

Next Monday I have to resume the once a week schedule, but it was nice getting through a few extra pages relatively quickly. Who knows how long it will take me to find a job though, maybe there will be some bonus pages here and there. Anyone in the Dallas area hiring? Design/layout stuff? IT? (not phone support, like on-site, in office stuff.) Front end web stuff? (I don’t know how to program unfortunately) That’s the tough thing about job hunting these days. Anyone looking for web HTML/CSS also requires PHP/ASPX/Javascript/AJAX, and anyone looking for 2D art also requires ZBrush/3DSMax/Maya.

Thanks again to everyone who’s been continuing to donate and use the amazon link for their Xmas shopping. I myself am a last minute shopper. Well, last week-ish.