This is what Arianna gets for playing the PR game on expert difficulty. She’s not going to S rank it at this point, but if she can rally a few more times, she might still finish with an A or a B+ if she nails the whammy run… or something else that makes it sound like there’s a PR version of Guitar Hero. God that would be a shit game though wouldn’t it? Sydney cursed on TV! Hit Blue, Red and Green! Maxima threatened a paparazzi, Blue Blue Blue, Blue Red, Blue Red, Yellow Red! Who let a sex tape ‘slip?’ Math? Oh, no one cares about that. Well, some people do, but not in a way that generates bad PR so much. Hold down Blue.

I like to think between panel 1 and 2 as Arianna turned around, there was a split second magic-girl transformation sequence that fixed her hair and everything.

I made a Ground Zero Maxima wallpaper for you guys over at the DA page. I also uploaded a high res version to see if there’s any interest in prints. One option is that you can get puzzles. With all the fire in the background I would imagine that would be a fairly frustrating puzzle… except it’s only 252 pieces and not 5000 or something.

Oh and there’s a new Kid Sensation novel out. It’s one of my favorite superhero series… let’s say top 5 anyway. It’s linked in the Amazon widget on the side too. Here are links to Book 1, Book 2, and a short story in case you feel like going all in.