Oh no! Now Arianna has to spend all evening after the press conference on the phone instead of… no wait, that was going to happen anyway.

I generally don’t think of writing as a big time sink as everything has already played out in my head. Usually it just comes down to breaking the dialog into balloons and sorting out the panels. Sometimes though it will take an hour or more to get it right. This page in particular was one of those. Most of the trouble came from wanting to have Max soliloquize a novel about predictions of the reaction to her little fireworks display, going on about “The fear mongering politician in a battleground district that uses this as an excuse to get his name in the news, the nature of the public discourse, the reaction of the supers, law abiding or otherwise.” and Anvil responding to Dabbler with “But are more predictable events preferable even if the outcomes are less desirable?” and a whole bunch of other stuff that got cut. (“I blew up a practice target on an artillery range, not an occupied passenger jet. The outcomes are manageable.”) Gah! Stop! I have no doubt if I tried writing a novel, the first draft would have 60 page chapters.

Here’s some random things I like:
Leftover Soup which I’ve pimped before has hit strip #500! It’s one of my favorite comics for all the tabletop and RPG talk, the single and double entendres, flat out sex talk, and I know this sounds weird, but the sociological analysis. Mostly this comes in the form of pointing out the absurdities of social mores, but that’s something I really enjoy. For instance there was a story I was reading (unrelated to Leftover Soup) where a group of anthropomorphized foxes were lamenting that English was woefully inadequate at describing the spectrum of scents they could differentiate, while noting that the nearly colorblind foxes had no use for words like periwinkle and chartreuse. You can probably expect a little of that from Dabbler at some point.

Also Kevin Hardman is offering his Kid Sensation series as a bundle, so if you haven’t jumped in, that will save you a few bucks.

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