I could have done a whole page on whether or not having hypno-boobs works against succubi hiding under a glamor, like what’s the difference between actually being hypnotized by boobs and just finding a particular prepossessingly presented pair perhaps perplexing? For the record when Dabbler says “hypnotic” she just means they’re disarming the same way 8 shots of whiskey can be, but in a subtle way that wouldn’t be discovered with a Detect Magic spell.

Actually this page hints at a much larger discussion that will eventually happen about the galaxy and aliens at large, including  a few “what Dabbler was up to before she came to Earth” pages, but I want to stay focused (hah!) on the current events in the story for now.

Did you know that some women’s restrooms have couches in them? Sure if you’re a woman you probably know that, but that’s cheating. I didn’t know that until last year. I’m not a germaphobe by any stretch of the imagination, I’ll just say I hope the couches are vynil or some other non-porus material that’s easy to wipe down. I guess they’re there so women have a place to escape male idiocy for a while. God I could do a whole series of comics about that.

Despite listing it second, Dabbler’s real concern with letting her tech out into the wild is that humans are kind of dicks to each other. Living in 1st world countries its easy fall for the ‘ol “People are basically good” nonsense. Certainly from Dabbler’s perspective, she’s looking at humanity as a whole, not cherry picking the best among us. She’s thinking about what the worst of us will do with it. I believe Quark sums it up well here. And Agent K says about the truthiest thing ever said on film here.

It’s weird how looking at a page will make me remember what I was watching out of the corner of my eye while I was working on it. I will forever associate this page with Stripes, watched in honor of Harold Ramis’s passing, and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend. It’s not quite Cabin in the Woods, but it definitely has fun with the genre tropes. Plus is stars Wash from Firefly, Cerie from 30 Rock, and Bert from Reaper.

I hope no one is offended by Sydney saying “Seriously, no homo.”  Surely if she was saying “no homo” to be exclusionary, then that would probably be more offensive, but in this case she’s just using slang to say that she’s not into girls. That said, it’s probably ok if it comes across a little offensive, as Sydney is a little rough around the edges and not all that worldly. She does have a mouth on her and like me, may not be up on exactly what a particular group finds offensive. Arianna may need to send her to a finishing school crash course eventually. (Sydney, never use the word “homo” unless it’s followed by “Sapien” or “genized.” Also, you eat vichyssoise with the 3rd fork on the left!)

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