As I said under the previous page, I wasn’t happy with the action on it, so I went and flipped through a few pages of artists I consider the gold standard for such things, namely Masahiko Nakahira, responsible for several Street Fighter related manga and Yūsuke Murata who draws One Punch Man. This page is the result and I have to say I’m pleased with it. It’s not on their level, but I’m not going to improve that much in one page. Math’s back spin summer-assault kick in the second panel is partially an homage to Nakihara’s depiction of Guile’s Flash Kick from the Cammy Manga, which you can see here. I saw no way to improve on that, so I flipped Math around for his move. I guess his boots are steel heeled as well as steel toed.

I still see many ways the action on this page could be better, especially panel six, the one with Concretia getting knocked out of building. There’s a lot going on in that one, and part of drawing good action is making it clear what’s happening. We’ve all seen manga full of speed lines, bursts, explosions and what have you, and while a single panel may look dramatic, if there’s no flow then it’s leaving money on the table. Panel six really should have been broken down to make clear what’s happening, one of her exploding from the building, and another of her flying toward the guy with the cowl before he smacks her aside, but then this update would have been three pages tall. I’m not necessarily opposed to doing that, but there are time constraints to consider.

Here’s a conundrum for you. If you throw a punch, what do you do with a kick? Kick a kick? Swing a kick? Jump, slide, toss, shimmy? English is weird.

In case you missed it, I’m doing a series of guest strips over at GynoStar. The first one is still up, the next one should be up on Thursday, which I’ll link when the next page goes up.

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