Ok, that’s enough chaff villains for now. I just had to get a little of the heroes kicking butt out of my system before they start getting in to more serious fights. I think it’s also fairly evident that Sydney is going to start getting antsy about just turtling up for the duration. Also, clearly this page answers the question as to whether Sydney can use the lighthook while her shield is up. Sydney’s issue isn’t incompatible combinations of her powers, its that she can only use two at a time. Mostly this will become an issue when she’s flying. Normally she’ll have her shield up to deflect the wind, but if she needs to haul something with the lighthook or shoot at something, she either needs to land or drop the shield which could be quite dangerous for her.

Surely “Lee Press on Claws” knew his claws could cut his own skin and he was just trying to intimidate. There’s no way you could have claws like that even if they’re retractable or summoned from the dimension of sharp things and not nick yourself while practicing. (And presumably passing out then too.) Still, telling people you’re tougher than you are is a curious strategy. If they’re not intimidated by it, all you’ve done in assure that they’ll hit you much harder than they would have done in the first place. “Well he said his skin is impenetrable, so instead of hitting him with the tranq dart, let’s start with the .50 cal.” It’s a good way to lose a limb if you ask me. I would instead start a fight by announcing that I’m delicate like the Princess and the Pea, and please don’t hit my face or groin or kidneys. Actually that’s probably just an indication that I wouldn’t be a very good brawler.

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