Yes, Dabbler has a plush toy that eats radiation and even makes cute “nyom” noises while it’s doing so because why wouldn’t she? I made some assumptions about the nature of energy/dark energy annihilation (that’s a good word isn’t it? Annihilation.) and assumed it wouldn’t cause a massive explosion, since the particles are much more loosely packed in a lightning bolt, there’d be like 1/1,000,000th the chance for a chain reaction to occur. Apparently even in dense matter like Uranium 235, only about 1% of the matter actually chain reacts. Dabbler just had to react to the not inconsiderable amount (I assume) of gamma radiation the lightning/darkning reaction was generating. Oh, and here’s what made me pick on Garnier.

I found a new webcomic to read, you’ve probably seen it as they’ve had a banner up here on and off for a little while. It’s called 3 Minute Max. It’s pretty good so far. Less humor and more violence than Grrl Power, but it’s… technically in the superhero genre. Maybe very near future sci-fi action. I’m not sure, I just started reading it, but it has a pretty good premise. I suggest reading it at least until you understand why it’s called 3 Minute Max (about halfway through the second book.)

Armando Valenzuela who does Atomic Laundromat dropped some random Sydney fan art on me. She’s super adorkable! I can only imagine under that skirt she’s wearing opaque leggings or heck, just some sweatpants. I’m not sure she even owns any skirts to be honest. Well, no, I bet she has some from a cosplay outfit somewhere in her apartment.

Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots fame will be stopping by Zeus Comics in Dallas this Saturday, which is my regular comic shop BTW. From the looks of it on her website, it’ll be from 4-8pm, and Randy Milholland from Something*Positive will be there as well since he’s a Dallasite and they’re buds and all that. I will definitely stop by and hang out for a bit since I need to pick up my comics anyway.

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