I’m rather fond of this page. I think it’s a pacing thing, especially that middle panel where the two of them are just watching. I also like how the guy in the fedora is totally nonplussed by Sydney standing next to him. I mean the more recent North American definition of nonplussed, which is to say he is unsurprised or unperturbed by it, and not the original meaning, which is so surprised or perturbed that you don’t know how to react. So it’s a word that means the exact opposite of itself. I guess that qualifies it as a contronym, like oversight can mean oversee and also overlook, or left can mean depart or remain. (The artists have left, the writers are left.) So. Those are handy.

Maxima told Sydney that the yellow orb was to remain classified. Obviously Sydney took that to mean the truesight function of the orb and not the illusion function. If she’s wrong about that there may be a lot of pushups in her future. There are anyway, but you know, extra.

Huh, this page went up early. Must have clicked the wrong day. Oh well, have at it! Also, I know the RSS feed is broken since the new hosting. I will endeavor to have it fixed before the next comic goes up.

Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots fame will be stopping by Zeus Comics in Dallas this Saturday, (Aug 2) which is my regular comic shop BTW. From the looks of it on her website, it’ll be from 4-8pm, and Randy Milholland from Something*Positive will be there as well since he’s a Dallasite and they’re buds and all that. I will definitely stop by and hang out for a bit since I need to pick up my comics anyway.

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