Well Jabber’s turncoatism didn’t last very long did it? If Pangolin Style is her high damage with medium armor and speed style, then Crusader Style is her high armor and damage style with low speed. Her powers obviously take her beyond what’s possible with regular martial arts, otherwise those pinballs would have hurt a lot.

Martial arts are a lot better when the moves have cool names. Jump off two walls before kicking someone in the head? That’s cool and all, but call it a triangle kick and now you’re cooking with evil gas. Heck, even call a regular punch “The Tooth Rattler” and it sounds more intimidating. That goes doubly when you move into fantasy martial arts. In fact I think it’s a requirement. Swords bounce off your skin? That’s the Iron Robe. Firing balls of ki from your hands? The Wave Fist, or you know, hadouken. Of course yelling out what you’re doing or about to do in a real fight is a good way to get a broken face, but in comics it counts as battle banter.

I think the RSS is still broken but possibly not? I tried one thing and I have to post something to find out if it works now. If it’s still busted I’ll mess with it this weekend.

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