Sydney’s genre savvy may work against her one day, but not right now. It was a lot for Atomic Bombshell to hope for anyway, but at least it looks like the bad guys are starting to use some teamwork. It may be too little too late, but they could always turn it around.

Maxima does seem to be operating on a whole other tier, but she does have her limits. Bombshell could definitely hurt her if she caught her flat footed, but right now she’s just hovering up there with her power pool pumped into armor, making her about as tough as Supermanonium.

I’m doing enough double pages lately it really makes me feel like I could almost put out 3 pages a week, but then I go and have bad art day or it takes me a few hours to warm up and I wind up redrawing a bunch of panels and it feels like I can barely get two regular pages out. But overall it seems I’m speeding up little by little. Well, at least while the backgrounds aren’t changing all that much. As soon as we get past this parking lot and I have to start doing a bunch of new interiors. :P Actually what I really need to do is stick to the two pages a week and any extra time I have left over use that to learn Blender or UE4 or something when that comes out so I can make 3D sets and cars and guns all the other stuff I don’t like drawing.

That was weird. I scheduled the comic and it didn’t post. There was a message in the WordPress backend that said “Missed Schedule” which isn’t helpful. How about you keep trying until the post goes live dummy? Oh well.

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