Well that’s concerning.

Anvil doesn’t run on the kinetic energy she absorbs, but she’s never had anyone just yank it all out of her at once like that. The shock was like a sudden drop in blood pressure which is why she passed out. She had a lot of it power saved up at this point in the fight too. Seems like a waste but you know, battles are chaotic that way.

I know it’s come up before, but superhero battles in real life would likely be super deadly. A regular human punching another has a minute chance of killing them. A trained boxer or martial artist or powerlifter or whatever has a better chance, but only marginally (unless you’re intentionally targeting the throat or something.) It’s still meat and bone connecting with more meat and bone, but with super powers, there is such a potential gulf between the damage that can be dealt and what can be absorbed. If Gigaton Punch sees an unknown villain battling police, and all the cops’ bullets are bouncing off the guy, he might think he’s pretty safe using his low level Kiloton Punch to start off with, but then the guy explodes like he was crushed in between two colliding cement trucks. Turns out the bullets weren’t bouncing off him because he was super armored, but because he had a super accurate pinpoint forcefield generator that was perfect for bullets but nothing else. When the scale goes from 1 to 1 million, misjudging someone’s defensive ability by 10% could be catastrophic. Luckily this isn’t that sort of comic, but that’s still why Anvil decided to start in with a grapple instead of, as she said, risking punching his head off.

If you are in a mood for a significantly more violent Superhero webcomic, check out Vanguard. It’s not to say Grrl Power won’t ever have some good ‘ol proper violence in it,  just that it won’t be a feature. I could totally see Dabbler bisecting zombies or something, but guts are a pain to draw, even though personally I do enjoy reading ultra violent comics like Ricky-Oh/Fist of the Northstar and good macabre stuff. That link (which is now fixed) goes to a manga about creepy spirals. I know “woooooooooo, scary.” No seriously, it’s creepy. Uzumaki is da man. (Whoops, Uzumaki is the name of the book. Junji Ito is the man.) It’s also $20 for 650 pages hardback… well shoot, I’m going to buy that for myself. It’s uh, comic research for when I have to draw creepy stuff in Grrl Power.

Here’s an art tip. When you see a hand in the comic that’s as well drawn as the one in panel 4, there’s a good chance at some point I was gnarling my hand up in front of my webcam for reference. Seriously my webcam folder is like 25 pictures of my hands and a few shoes.

Reader Outrider created a 3D animation of Sydney’s Orbs’ skilltree. It just spins around it a few times while it rotates but it looks all professional. :)

Well, again, the back end failed to post the comic on time, which is just not acceptable. I’m going to look into this with godaddy, but if they can’t offer any help I’m going to have to sump their hosting and move somewhere else.

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