Sydney will explain “Inverse ninja” on the next page, but this is one of those cases where I probably need to scoop her so those of you unfamiliar with the trope are up to speed. Basically it says the more bad guys the heroes face, the less of a threat they are. In other words, 100 Stormtroopers? No sweat. One Darth Vader? Big problem. Weirdly, the way the trope works, 100 Darth Vaders are exactly the same threat as 100 Stormtroopers. It’s only when you get down to the last one that he becomes a threat. It’s like, conservation of action. Normally there’s no way the hero could beat 100 Darth Vaders, and that’s why it makes a good cliffhanger to end on, but when the next episode starts, the hero gets a lucky shot and hits the gravity suck death vortex thingy that 99 of the Vaders were clustering around, but that last one? No way he’s going down in one lucky shot.

Two hundred and fifty pages. Part of me wants to pat myself on the back and part of me wants to kick myself for doing a 50 page fight. I really didn’t intend it to last that long which is especially ridiculous considering how much I cut (ahem, saved for later I mean), and as you can probably guess from this page it’s not quite over yet, but I promise I will make the remainder as concise and entertaining as I know how.

I don’t know why I’m so bad about remembering little details panel to panel, other than there just being a lot of details to remember. But I bring it up because I want to point out that Vehemence’s coat didn’t repair itself in the last panel, I just forgot to draw it all torn up somehow. It’s a fairly minor art repair, I just didn’t have time to fix it as I’m scheduling this post at 1 am.

Remember the Who’s Who is just people with dialog, otherwise it’d be taller than the comic.

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