Since the noise Sydney is making is hard to spell, I’ve included an .MP3 of it.  The original tongue sound effect was achieved by someone wetting their finger, then popping it out of a bottle, then looping it, so it’s questionable how accurate Sydney’s imitation of it is. Harem has a lot more life experience under her belt than you’d expect for a nineteen year old, but that’s to be expected when you can do two or more things at once from the age of… I don’t recall when I said she first got her powers, I think seven? Anyway, she’s read way more books, had more part time jobs, and definitely watched  more TV than almost anyone on the team, (except probably Dabbler or Zeph.) The point being, despite only being nineteen, she knows full well what Sydney is imitating. She just hasn’t quite figured out why. Not that anyone under 20 automatically wouldn’t, but the younger you are, the less chance there is that Lo0ney Tunes was a staple of your childhood. Heck, there are people reading the comic who will be graduating high school this year or next who weren’t even born when Space Jam came out. Yeah, I just made a bunch of people feel old. Myself included.

Anyway, realizing this while I was writing the page, for a split second I considered explaining the joke (for Harem’s benefit), cause as we all know, jokes are funnier when someone explains them to you. Actually, I think some jokes can be funnier when explained, but that’s everything to do with delivery.

You can see a hint of Anvil’s undies on this page, which is intentional but not necessarily intended to be lascivious. It’s more like, there are things that superheroines would have to deal with that superheroes wouldn’t as much (besides being thrown by your hair), for instance, if you’re dragged in to a super throw down when you’re wearing a skirt, there’s a pretty good chance a photo of your panties will wind up online or in a tabloid. Sure, Captain America could get his uniform torn down to just his tighty whities, but it’s much more likely to happen if you’re wearing something flimsy or revealing to begin with. Not that Anvil’s outfit was really revealing at all, but it wasn’t made of kevlar either. I’m setting up for scenes later on where the gals sit around at lunch and commiserate about such things. Of course, drawing Anvil in a battle damaged dress isn’t the worst part of my day or anything, I just don’t want to be too gratuitous about it. :)

Last comic I said that this page was the second half of a double page, which then got rewritten as a double. Here’s the original, which ended with Sydney tricking Vehemence into punching Anvil. It’s not… bad, especially if you imagine it as the second half of the previous page. I like the rebound line, but it sort of felt like it was missing a few panels that explicitly showed Sydney grabbing Anvil and yanking her in front of the punch. The challenge with sequential art is figuring out what you need to show and what you can assume the reader will be able to infer. That’s 101, 102 is concerning yourself with pacing on top of all the 101 stuff. You’d think during action you could cut out more to quicken the pacing, but then OnePunch Man releases an entire chapter that’s just the camera spinning around a character while someone jumps from tree to tree in the background.

Here’s the link to the new comments highlighter for chrome, and the GitHub link which you can use to install on FireFox via Greasemonkey. I’ll make a permanent link for those somewhere on the page eventually.

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