A music video in case anyone isn’t familiar with Sydney’s tune. The first time I ever heard this song it was actually in an AMV. Not this one though. That was a video from before YouTube existed. This video is cut from an anime called Redline, which I’ve never heard of before. It looks amusing, even if it contains some… questionable physics.

Mach 4 is pretty impressive. America is about 2600 miles across, and mach 4 is about 2700 miles per hour at sea level, meaning Sydney can get anywhere in the contiguous US in about an hour. Well, excluding her needing to stop every ~15 minutes to refresh the air in her shield, but lets assume they do eventually equip her with some sort of air tank or rebreather.

I’ve never said explicitly where the team is located other than somewhere “central-ish.” I lean towards Dallas because that’s where I live, but Denver or Kansas City would make as much sense. The idea being that they’re already halfway to anywhere they need to go in the states, so really Sydney’s only 30-40 minutes away from anywhere USA, and Maxima can get there even faster if need be. Of course most of the team still needs conventional transport, but the centralized location minimizes their travel time as well. The eventual goal being to split the team into different groups as their membership grows and establish at the very least an East and West Coast base.

Being able to cross the US in an hour is pretty incredible, but it makes me think how ridiculous The Flash and Superman are, who, depending on the continuity reboot you’re referencing, can both travel at the speed of light. I don’t keep up with DC comics these days, in fact 95% of my DC knowledge comes from Batman the animated series, Superman TAS and Justice League animated. I assume the current power levels are tamped quite a bit though, cause otherwise it would cause enormous writing problems. Ignoring relativistic problems and city destroying wake – it’s fine, he’s using the “speed force” whatever – there are issues like if someone shot someone on the West Coast, The Flash could run from the East Coast and back 50 times before the bullet left the barrel. How was a guy like Captain Boomerang ever one of his enemies? Boomerangs are WAY SLOWER than bullets.

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