All in all, a successful interaction with a woman for him. His name is Brad apparently. I forgot, but an astute reader pointed out that his name was actually in the comic way back in the day. (embarrassing art link)

When I started this page I wasn’t quite sure what Maxima’s reaction would be to a clumsy pass. I briefly fantasized about Brad getting tazed but the editor in me quickly nixed that. Sydney… I could see doing it but Max has more practice with restraint, after all, she knows if she slaps someone’s hand away, she could literally slap their hand away. Which isn’t to say she hasn’t broken the odd metacarpal in her day. In any case she didn’t give Brad a chance to finish his sentence. He could have been planning to say “…tactical sense. The battle last night was won and lost on your leadership.” It’s probably not what he was going to say though.

For those of you unfamiliar with Joel’s reference: Monty Python’s – The Money Song

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