The first draft of this page stated explicitly what they’re both dancing around, but these two like being circuitous with each other. Essentially, Max is a super in her own right (at least a late bloomer since she hadn’t exhibited any powers by the age of 13.) AND has some sort of symbiote (?) of indeterminate origin adding its powers to hers AND that it was able to determine her superness and made a decision (whether consciously or by some sort of instinct – if it indeed even had any agency at all) to hitch its wagon to her horse. All guesswork by both of them, and probably impossible to determine at this point. Also it would be virtually impossible to tell if it’s boosting her existing powers, or if she would have been a moderately powerful super on her own, and it provides her power pool, or if it’s the source of her armor or what.

I’d love to do the extended version of Max’s origin, which deals with stuff like a 13 year old girl dealing with what seems like pretty frightening disfigurement at first (like girls that age don’t have enough body image issues – hence the coming of age reference in the page title) her first day back at school, breaking the land speed record while trying out for the track team, stuff like that. I just don’t want to derail the main story for that long. Maybe one day I’ll find someone who can draw it for me at a reasonable rate.

I messed up the art a little in this one. Max was supposed to be somewhere around sandy brunette to dirty blonde, but her hair gets really sun bleached and she spends a lot of time outside. She did cross country and track in high school, and kept up with her running over the summer. Really the tips of her hair should be that color, the rest should look like Sydney’s, minus the weird bangs obviously.

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