Sydney was excitable – some might say injury prone – before she knew that the world contained the many potential wonders of things only possible due to super powers. She knew supers existed, but there’s a big difference between knowing something exists and having it feature heavily in your day to day life. Now that that’s the case for her… well, she runs headlong into trees with surprising confidence.

The question must be asked, what would someone put on a sign that would actually keep you out? Any sign trying too hard (much like this one) would only invite curiosity. If this comic was slightly more serious I think biohazard symbols and something about airborne infectious agents. Some sort of explosive hemorrhagic fever that promises to burst your eyes last so you can watch the rest of your body melt first… Nope, see, that’s trying too hard again.

Maybe “Warning: Worlds 7th most boring tunnel.” Cause of course, the most boring tunnel can’t even exist by virtue of it’s own internal paradox. Maybe just a sign about raw sewage?

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