So, a few things to talk about on this page. Yes, vampires exist in the Grrl Verse. That shouldn’t be so surprising since we already know about aliens, demons and Succubi specifically. I want a world to play in where just about anything goes, even if the primary focus remains on the Supers.

Originally this page took place while Max and Sydney were traveling down a tunnel, past a security station, then in an elevator before stepping out in to the hallway you see here, but the stuff with Ingsol didn’t fit the way I wanted. It was a question of content vs pacing. Really the story could use more pages without a lot of dialog and more establishing shots, but that would leave you guys with much less to comment on, so that sort of stuff gets cut all the time. I’m sharing this particular edit because I wanted to convey that the door in the woods doesn’t open straight in to this hall, even though I didn’t quite show it in the comic. Basically, there are several layers of precautions to prevent people from accidentally discovering the existence of Vamps.

Vampire or no, trying to scare a fledgling superheroine who can cut through a tank like buttah isn’t probably the smartest idea, but I guess being a Vampire may come with certain habits that are difficult to break. Ingsol’s just lucky that Sydney’s head desk therapy worked as well as it did.

People who regularly read my comments under the comics might know that I rarely have time to design characters before they appear in the comic. Virtually everyone except for the main characters got drawn for the first time on the page in which they debuted. I can say I didn’t mean to make Ingsol look quite that much like a stereotypical vampire. If I’d had time to do a few drafts he might have been a little toned down, but at least this way it’s visually unambiguous, which is beneficial to reading comprehension. Admittedly he looks a bit like Demitri Maximoff and Count Chocula had a kid, but I guess he’s just decided to lean into it.

Ingsol’s accent makes him transpose V’s and W’s, except for cases where doing so would make reading his word bubbles inscrutable. “… a character in a nowel. Wlad the Impaler…” etc. It’s a funny accent that way.

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