The impervious forcefield doesn’t hurt with the subdued fear response. Neither does standing 10 feet from the most powerful superhero in the world. Depending on what lore you prefer, werewolves are potentially quite tough, and vampires can be anything from “before Willow learned how to use magic, she could kill them” up to extremely powerful, especially if they’re old or high up on the generation tree. Generally speaking though, most of them would have little chance against Superman, at least in a stand up fight. Superman vs Alucard from Hellsing might be a little closer I guess. Yes Superman has a specific vulnerability to magic, but Maxima doesn’t. Basically Sydney doesn’t feel like she has anything in particular to be afraid of, even if these two were obviously not already non-aggressive.

I’m not a fan of lazy wolfman makeup. You know, not a wolf face, just fake teeth, the slightly built up nose with the dark tip and scowl wrinkles, bushier eyebrows and the wreath of… well, it’s usually not even fur is it, it’s basically just an Amish beard. In fact it’s one of my bigger fantasy pet peeves. I understand doing a full wolf face is impractical for, say, early seasons of Buffy, but at least they did a full body costume – even if the faces were dumb looking. Penny Dreadful certainly has the budget for it, and I suppose they couldn’t be blamed for going for the Lon Chaney look with their Wolfman, but still, so many shows take the easy route. Just about the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that went whole hog was the original Wolfen movie. Not an easy thing to do in an entirely pre-CG era. Well, it would be tough to do in a post CG era too, at least convincingly. Pixar I would trust to do good looking fur, but not some studio making the latest CW “young underwear models milling about in front of a camera” production. Anyway, my lycanthrope hybrids are full on animal face since it doesn’t affect my budget either way. This makes a potential crossover with Fred Perry’s Gold Digger universe slightly more challenging since the were-whatevers there basically have human faces. Of course the explanation is easy enough, just that lycans can halt the transformation at different stages. Well, cross that bridge when I get to it.

I have a bad habit of filling the background with empty frames, then when it comes time to color it, I’m scrambling to fill them with something. I think it worked out okay this time, the paintings in the background are by an artist named by Zdzislaw Beksinski. Well the first one in the hall is a Geiger, but you can’t see it on this page. I found Beksinski’s art by googling “macabre painting” or something. He’s got quite a collection. Check them out if you enjoy macabre stuff.

I’m on vacation this week in the Bahamas. (At the Atlantis resort, if you’re curious) I’m taking a drawing tablet with me to work in the evenings, but I imagine I’ll be fairly distracted during the day. I scheduled this page before I left, but the double res Patreon version might be a few hours late, we’ll see. The Thursday comic should go up on time.

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