I’m still vacation, but I’ll be back Friday. I’m posting this from my phone cause I don’t trust the open wi-fi at the hotel, https or no. Hopefully I don’t screw anything up or get too many auto concubine errors.

Ingsol raises a fair question really. Sydney does seem to have an effect on those around her. Of course the actual 4th wall penetrating reason is that it’s funny if she’s just super disarming. In canon, there’s probably no aura involved. Probably. The idea of a stupidity aura is pretty amusing to me, or even better, an intelligence vampirism field. Some super who is more intelligent the more people he’s around. When the team needs to invent something really complicated like a stargate or a time traveling thong, they buy him superbowl tickets. Of course everyone in attendance gets a few IQ points shaved off for the duration, but, well, not to dump on sports fans too much, but who’d really notice, am I right?

In Sydney’s case, it might make more sense if she was a reverse concentration vampire. She gets more distracted the more people are around. Oh, wait, that’s how regular ADHD works. Ok, maybe she leaches concentration from others, but, instead of benefitting from it, the extra concentration just gets beamed into space.

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