So yeah, the Twilight Council basically opens up the Grrl Verse to basically anything I want to throw in the world. (Though still there are a limited number of super science tinkerers because of how quickly the world would diverge from ours if someone, for instance, invented a power source and instead of using it to power armor to rob banks, he used it to power cars, which would in turn devastate the oil industry, and a good portion of the economy, diverge, diverge, etc, etc.)

“Miscellaneous” are races that don’t have sufficient population to have their own seat. I was going to put that in the comic itself but I needed to cut it for space. Also cut – after Maxima introduces Decollete, she says “Who, yes, [demons] are technically aliens but there’s enough of them to warrant their own representative.”

I only recently learned the word Décolletage. I’m sure I had heard it a bunch of times, but never quite groked its meaning. If you’re in the same boat I was, it’s basically a fancy French way of saying cleavage, but really it refers to the neckline of a dress/shirt and all the skin left exposed on the neck, shoulders, back and cleavage. Basically a dresses “negative space” and is considered part of the overall ensemble. Decollete is the adjective form of the word, so “a decollete dress shows off a woman’s décolletage” As soon as I read it, I thought Decollete would a funny name for a succubus, I mean it sounds like a name anyway. If only I can resist writing about it here in the comments, then only so many people will get it and they get that special “in the know” feeling like when you’re the only one who gets the obscure reference when watching MST3K with a group of friend. Unless I’m the only one who didn’t already know the meaning of those words. So, uh, don’t read this if you didn’t already know that.

Not to be confused, by the way, with “decollate” which is a verb meaning “to behead”

I also literally just learned as I’m writing this that “grok” wasn’t invented for that infamous SNL sketch (someone can probably find a video of it – the links I found on youtube were mostly videos of people talking about the sketch instead of the sketch itself), it’s actually a word coined in Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land back in 1961, meaning to understand or empathize with. For the longest time after seeing it in the sketch, I just thought it meant like/love/dig/groove on, and people saying stuff like “I grok your pain.” were either misusing it or just being jerks and trying to fly under the radar.

The picture of Sydney in panel 2 is one of my favorites in a while. The pinched, pursed lips is a weird art thing that’s evolved fairly recently. Not with my art specifically, I mean broadly. I think it started in manga, and you can see it in stuff like Empowered and Rick and Morty a lot now. I think it’s cute of done right, but honestly I’m not 100% sure what expression it represents on a real face. Semi-duck lips? But not obnoxious selfie ducklips, it’s more like a combination thinking and confused expression? I don’t know, but I think it’s cute on Sydney.

This page colored by Keith.

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