When two succubi get together, the usual outcome is either a vicious fight (not the sexy kind) or… a vicious fight. Either way they’re establishing dominance.

All succubi are fantastic at all things carnal, but most of them are schooled in social graces and all the other things Decollete mentioned. A sort of Succubus finishing school. Dancing, everything from ballroom to salsa to pole. They’re usually skilled in several musical instruments, culinary arts, etc. Basically super geisha, and you can imagine the local succubi finishing school gets invited to all the dances.

Dabbler has some education in that sort of stuff, but not to the weaponized degree that a “full succubus” does. While her cohorts were learning how to make crepes so good as to be sexually arousing, she was spelunking a forbidden ruin, and trying to concoct some sort of gravity bomb to pull enemies into one spot to make her fireball spell more effective. It was either that or make her fireball spell a double spell that launch a ball of accelerant out just in front of the fireball spell, so she’d get bonus damage on it like when she used a lightning spell on dummies standing in puddles. It was super effective. She wound up burning the ruin to the ground. She only got to loot the first three floors before it all went awry, and to this day her crepes look suspiciously like pancakes.

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