That thing may have its second wind, but it’s pretty outnumbered at this point, even if most of the gallery has cleared out. But maybe it has some more tricks up its tattered sleeves now that its powered up.

I think I may have commented on this before, but oh well, if I have it’s been years. Speaking of no one liking fire, I remember seeing in a Champions RPG book once a sample Dracula character, and being a point based system, arch villains would get a bonus pool of points to work with, but also usually buy some additional weaknesses to boost their total even more. Stuff like Overconfidence or Megalomania, and physical weaknesses too, “Powers Don’t Work on the Color Green” or “Dies when Staked Through Heart.” When I initially read that, I didn’t think much of it. Of course Drac “Dies when Staked Through Heart,” he’s a vampire. It wasn’t until I had a refrigerator logic moment later than I realized that my character had that weakness too, (in fact, nearly every superhero and villain and civilian has it) and I asked the GM if I could get the same 60 extra points to spend that Drac got because of my own terrible weakness to stakes. Wisely he said no, but this page made me think about that.

Yeah, no one likes being attacked with fire. Of course, having a vulnerability to fire is different than dying outright from major organ trauma, but just because vampires take 50% extra damage from fire (they can buy it down with blood powers as they get older, but not below 25%… if you’re the type that needs hard numbers) it doesn’t mean regular folk like being hit in the face with a torch or a molotov.

In Dabbler’s defense, she is a demon, and they actually have a noticeable resistance to fire, so Gunnhildr’s vulnerability to it is especially pronounced from her point of view.

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