Time to wrap up that fight! And yes, Pixel likes the occasional spank, but we don’t know if Elsbeth likes being cuffed or doing the cuffing.

There’s no real female equivalent of “Bro.” Obviously there’s “broette” but that’s just tacking a feminizing suffix onto a word as a stopgap since there’s not a real word for it. Someone can be your sister in a way that doesn’t mean a literal relative, the same way someone can be your brother (he’s not heavy) but “bro” is still different.

There should be, it’s not like groups of female friends don’t get together and do dumb things… I should explain, in my head, being a bro with someone usually involves the phrase “hey, watch this…” If you have a friend you catch the occasional movie with, or have dinner with, that’s a friend, it’s not really a bro. If you’re ever doing anything that involves diving in after them, or tell the girl he’s trying to pick up that he’s the world G-Spot finding champion, or ask “does this look broken?” then they’re a bro.

Horsing around, I guess, is how you define a bro, and it’s not like girls don’t do it. They’re generally not as renowned for it though, especially in popular media, where women are either catty with each other, or only have male friends, or are incidental characters.

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